How Toxic Cleansers Can Harm Your Pet

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June 7, 2017

A Cleaning Company With A Mascot?

Sonoma County Green House CleaningIf you have a pet, do you consider them to be family? Millions of of pet owners do. In fact, in 2011, that number hovered around 63% of all pet owners who consider their pets family members. This explains the jump in pet industry sales, expected to reach a whopping 120% increase just in the last 15 years! Considering there was a Great Recession in there for several years, that’s a pretty stable increase.


Whether you dress your pet, or have stockings for them at Christmas, Crystal Clear Home can relate. We absolutely adore animals! Yes, as ironic as it is for a cleaning company to love a fur shedding mud walker, we simply can’t help ourselves. Our office mascot, Teddy, is constantly practicing for the cuteness world record. We assure him daily that he’s already won but he keeps practicing!

How Toxic Cleansers Can Harm

Sonoma County Green Cleaning CompanyDid you know that the majority of Crystal Clear Home’s clients have pets? As a green cleaning company, it makes sense. Since many of these pets are truly a part of the family, many pets, like cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, etc. get free range of their homes and toxic cleaners just aren’t the best for their sensitive little bodies.

Pets will often lick chemicals they don’t feel belong on them in an effort to bathe. So harsh cleansers, waxes and polishes may pose potential problems, especially over time. Digestive systems weren’t made to absorb these man-made toxins so it will naturally distribute them where it can, leading to any number of health issues from allergies, to mange, to internal issues.

Also, olfactory glands in animals are much more developed than in humans, so when those chemicals smell strong to you, imagine how your dog or cat are taking them in! A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose, while humans have just 5 million.


The safety of our clients–their pets, kids and entire environment is at the top of our priority list. Not only is Crystal Clear Home fully bonded and insured, we hire professionals who genuinely care. And with nearly 70% of our clients being pet owners, we have extensive experience with family members of fur, scales and feathers.

To schedule a one-time or regular cleaning, or to purchase a cleaning gift for a pet owner you know, call us at 707-827-3316.