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Eco-Friendly Cleaning You Can Depend On

Offices are cleaned with the same care and attention our clients' homes receive, with substantial discounts available when you sign a contract with us for six months or longer, pre-pay or set up automatic payments. Your employees will be impressed by how fresh and clean their workplace is when you use the services of Crystal Clear’s Professional division.

Crystal Clear Home also offers professional organizing services to help you organize your home or office so it's better organized, important items can be found, and there is a sense of calm and organization in your home or business that decreases your stress levels while giving you a more calm atmosphere to live or work in.

About Crystal Clear Home

The world today is full of pressure, noise and stress. More than ever, it is important that our homes are places of calm sanctuary — relaxing havens where we can linger and retreat from the outside world.

Crystal Clear Home was founded to help people achieve this balance and tranquility in their homes and offices. Crystal Clear Home offers an eco-friendly cleaning services in Sonoma County that supports a safe, non-toxic environment in your home or office by using only eco-friendly cleaning products..

Our cleaning service is 100% guaranteed, and discounts and incentives are offered to customers throughout the year. Clients have the opportunity to rate their cleaners, who then earn perks such as bonuses and spa treatments.

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